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"And sometimes I have kept my feelings to myself, because I could find no language to describe them in."
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Wulingyuan by MoonPhanter


"This is a very similar angle and set up to a photo I shot a few years ago that was awarded Photo of the Year by SURFER. This was actually taken two years later and it really depicts just how varied nature can be. You have the heaving tube with Kalani Chapman, the double rainbow, the mountains, and the rain. They’re all lined up and working together." Photo: Noyle

"they’re all lined up and working together" i love that

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By wind-princess
My love has no end

Of all the things I ever knew,

the best of all was always you.

You are everything I dreamed you’d be,

you’re absolutely perfect for me.

Don’t worry I will not regress,

I will continue to make progress.

For everything that I do,

is really just for you.

I’ve over come my fears,

and with your help I’ve truly seen myself.

No don’t you worry.

There is really no hurry.

We will be together again.

And I promise you,

my love has no end.


✿◦.¸¸.◦Secret Garden◦.¸¸.◦✿ | *Credits to photo owner*